Polymeric Sand

Had some 10 year old pavers that needed to be redone. First step is clearing the ant mounds and weeds that had piled up over the years with a flat shovel. Next is pressure washing the pavers and blasting weeds out and anything else between the pavers. For a finer stone you want to wait a good day so the pavers can become completely dry, then you'll want to seal them before applying the sand. In this case it's just a walk way. Wait a couple hours for the pavers to become dry in full sun and brush the sand in between the cracks, tap each paver one by one with the end of the broom stick to make sure the sand fills all crevasses. Blow the remaining sand off the pavers making sure you don't blow the sand out of the cracks. Next up is to lightly spray water 2-3 times waiting about 30 min in between. Then let sit. Polymeric sand is very fine sand with glue mixed in. Once the sand hardens it will lock the pavers in place and give you another 5-10 years of worry free and hopefully weed free maintenance. Make sure you do a better job than we did blowing off the sand as when you spray water,  glue will be on top of the pavers. Have fun!