Let it Drip

It's too late for this post but just in time to find the issue. We stress whether you stay with us or you've finally bought your own always leave a couple of interior and exterior faucets slow drip overnight when below freezing temperatures occur. This will prevent expansion of interior and hidden pipes. Even if your home is "Up-To-Racketeering-Code" pipes will still burst. 1 gallon of water when frozen expands approximately 9%. This year was no exception. The below is a picture of a brass fixture that could not handle the pressure of a freeze. Just think if brass can't handle this pressure, what do you think Copper, Cpvc or Pex will do depending on your attic airflow ratio? I'm sure everyone will agree that it was cold and grueling winter, but it's starting to warm up and everyone is coming out of hibernation. So next year, Let It Drip or costly repairs will occur.