GE Geospring Pro Heatpump

Its time to test another technology out. This one is good. Real good. It's a heat pump water heater. Basically what this thing does is it efficiently pulls heat from your garage and displaces it into the water. This process is much less of a strain on energy usage than the heating elements. It's byproduct of this process is...get this...cold air and dehumidification! What? You mean I have an a/c in my garage now and no Florida humidity. MAN CAVE! Only other by product is condensation so you would need to make an exit for that. So my probably wrong calculations are below, but if you were to upgrade to this guy you would pay almost double out of pocket but estimations on payback is roughly 3-5 years. If it lasts that long it will be worth the investment, plus the perks of a cool garage at all times. You can place in hybrid which works both heat pump and elements based on usage, heat pump only, element only, and vacation mode. Awesome. Here's another idea, we have some properties that have water heaters inside a closet. If you were to place one of these in those locations you would have two appliances working to make you stay cool and they would play off each other. They also make a duct kit in which you can redirect cool air through a wall to an adjacent room. Talk about major saving!

These calculations based off standard gulf power rates and energy guide sticker on water heaters. Most likely completely off as am averaging $30 saving a month.

===Standard 80 gallon w/ no technologic cutoff===
Base Charge          $.62 per day X 365 Days =                                                  $226.30
Demand Charge    $.04.585 per kWh X 5045 estimated yearly kwh =           $231.31325
Total Per Year                                                                                                        $457.61

===Geo Spring Pro Heat Pump 80 gallon===
Base Charge          $.62 per day X 365 Days =                                                 $226.30
Demand Charge    $.04.585 per kWh X 1347 estimated yearly kwh =            $61.75995
Total Per Year                                                                                                       $288.06