Your Home Inspector Sucks and so do You!

What's that saying? Seeing is believing! Isn't that the truth when it comes time to purchase a property and you hired a home inspector to make sure everything is a-ok. He goes in with his tools and tape measure and piddles around for half the day. When he is all done he hands over a nice document with everything wrong with your potential purchase. Everything, right? Did he catch the 3rd layer of asbestos that couldn't be located? Did he catch the rat that chewed through the 8 gauge wire behind that wall where the copper wires are now touching? Did he make sure all the mechanical breakers are working? What about the nail that went through the "code approved" metal plate protecting that from happening and into the PVC pipe behind the wall? I think not. The home inspector can only do so much. He's not going to rip everything apart to find these issues. So don't blame him when YOU purchase a property that later on has some issues. YOU are the purchaser, grow some balls and fix the damn problem and quit blaming others for YOUR issues. We cannot all be skilled tradesman or brain surgeons for that matter, but when it comes time to hire an inspector if you so choose, find one that does things his way and not by the book, because if we all followed……nobody would LEAD!