Curb Appeal

Literally. Concrete work is easy, it just requires an enormous amount of muscle. We had a broken curb that needed repair before paint. Drilled some holes on the sides and inserted rebar to prevent future breakage. This curb was poured in the 60s and has done a great job holding up. Yes, it has rebar. Fiber enforced concrete was invented around the same time and is rated for higher loads and strength and some say replaces the need for rebar. We used rebar and fiber enforced concrete. Not sure if the original concrete was fiber enforced but North Florida and 60's, I'm guessing not, but then again maybe these boys knew exactly what they were doing, because these builds will easily last over 100 years. The ground will cave before the housing does. This a very good example of energy being used properly. One crew's labor benefits many many generations. :) Always use rebar unless you want to redo your concrete every 15 years, especially in Florida where sand is concrete's worst enemy. You could use only fiber enforced concrete and sit around for 20 years to see how it holds up but who has time for that? Wait...that's what we do... Have fun!