Permitting is for Winners

The permitting process is designed to protect the consumer from bad materials and poor tradesmen ship. Obviously we wouldn't offer any property that we wouldn't feel safe living in ourselves and obviously our builds are built as if they were our own, well because they are our own. So lets talk about why the permitting process should be moved out of governments hands or at least get someone to debate me. I can never find anyone willing....All new homes are constructed so well and superior to homes built before there was a permitting process. You can now go into any neighborhood and a home built in the 80's through current will stand longer than those still standing built in the 1800's. In fact, International codes have gotten so well off that now they charge twice if you don't follow the overlordship rules that all young adults getting into any field are born with already knowing all the rules set forth by our forefathers. They just keep increasing. No wonder babies heads are getting bigger! Housing should all be the same and there should be absolutely no art involved. Don't you agree? Don't trust your neighbors and names of the tradesman, trust what the overlords tell you. In fact, don't even think just put .gov on it and all will be ok. In .GOV we trust....Fixed it! You know if something bad happens its not like a sign off of a permit will protect you. Tradesmen are on the hook anyways. Last name Woolard Here let me make it bigger -> W-O-O-L-A-R-D. I have no idea why this damn rent is sooo high. I cannot for the life of me figure it out. What is the point? They'll say. "Safety of the People!" knowing you cannot do anything about it and you cannot challenge in court. We'll say Theft by Gov. and degradation of an unborn's vision (MY way NOT YOUR way). What are they gonna do if you don't pull a permit, probably fine you (on something you OWN might I add) but in reality are they going to barge in your door with Florida castle doctrine? Good luck with that. If you bought it, you own it P-E-R-I-O-D and unless you signed some HOA document,  engineer and design to your hearts consent. If you do it wrong and something happens it's your fault don't do it wrong and ask a professional a question, INVENT a new way that has not been done before or hire it out. Is anyone willing to actually discuss a better system yet because the current one is NOT working. It never has and never will. I am simply asking for builder and consumer freedom of choice, that which has been stolen. a.k.a I'll do whatever I want to so long that it does not hurt others AND it will be BETTER and last LONGER than any of the filth that is produced today, or was your checkoff sheet degrading society with time and designed to fail from since before I was born? It simply amazes me that we can build a car and sell it without any inspections but the game is rigged on real estate. Cheers! #TheRentistooDamnHigh #Permits