Proper Grounding

So you finally bit the bullet and pulled off your first purchase. Man, you are screwed...hahahah, just playing, buuuut maybe not. ;) First thing you want to do is check your grounding. One of the greatest risks posed by ungrounded electrical systems are fire and shock. Neither are good for you. Any questions? The best way to check grounding is at all points in your home at every single outlet. Some may be grounded some may not depending on when the home was built along with who built it and who worked on it within that time period. First thing is to get a multimeter. We are using a Klien CL2000 but any cheapo will work. Place the hot(black) in the smaller hole and the red in the bigger hole. You should read around 120v. In our case we are at 120.8v. Next move the red wire to the ground you should read about the same voltage plus or minus 5. If your reading on the ground is completely off your original reading than the ground at that outlet and everything connected to that outlet outside and inside the wall is at risk and you should seek repairs or youtube what you need to do. As for me I'd trace wires to see if I could find where the fault is, which sometimes included ripping sheetrock out, breaker off of course. If all your outlets test good, well you might as well turn the wifi on, plug that jam in and crank it up!!!