Pentair Intelliflo Pool Pump

Got a pool? Well this post is for you. This pool pump was to little for the distance and size it was pumping making it difficult to keep the pool clean so we replaced it with a Pentair Digital VS which moves much more water at the same and higher speeds due to a brushless motor and other advancements. Variable speed pumps give you the advantage of running different speeds at your choosen times of the day rather than just full blast. Generally power is more expensive during the day due to market demand so you can now run a higher RPM at night vs the day with positive feedback from various users coming in at $50 to $120 monthly savings...just on you your pool pump!!! That leaves your payback at less than 12 months and with power companies giving out rebates even lower! Why wouldn't you upgrade? How to replace? Cut the breaker, cut pipe, and use 45 degree angles and not 90 degrees. If you are paying for an upgrade to be more effecient why on earth would you use 90 degree piping. Think city traffic turns vs smooth highway turns. Less friction on flow of water. Eventually when we replace other parts we'll remove the 90's and go with 45's as well. Also the electronics comes with a weather tight seal, but um...if you've seen what I've seen go ahead and cover the cover! Shade, salt, moisture, on and on.....Be careful when you install these pumps making sure you fill with water before you turn on to prime them. Pentair will cut your 3 year warranty because you don't have a "license" to install them, even if you follow their directions. What the hell happened to ownership?!? You know, because the brain surgery of connecting 4 wires and glueing some plastic pieces together will cause Vendors to have heart attacks. Have fun!